The National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic in 2009 – 2015

NRDIP objectives and activities – it is provided a total of nine goals, based on evaluation of the situation in the Czech Republic and the possibility of using foreign experience:

Objective 1: Establish RDI strategic management at all levels - The aim is to establish the strategic management of RDI centrally, based on a thorough systematic evaluation of the impact of the National RDI Policy and the systematic analysis of activities in this area. The introduction of strategic management by individual research organizations is also crucial.

Objective 2: Focus State aid for RDI on the needs of sustainable development – priorities for applied research, development and innovation will be determined in accordance with the objectives to be achieved in relation to the needs of sustainable development in the Czech Republic in all its three pillars (economic, social and environmental development)

Objective 3: Improve the efficiency of the RDI State aid system – The aim is to set up mechanisms for the provision, use and evaluation of State aid for RDI so that this assistance contributes to the excellence of Czech research and the usability of RDI results in innovations.

Objective 4: Apply R&D results in innovations and improve public-private cooperation in RDI - to ensure that there is a sufficient volume of knowledge available in practice, the establishment of mechanisms for the quick and easy transfer of this knowledge to practical applications, and the use of new R&D knowledge in innovations.

Objective 5: Improve the Czech Republic’s involvement in international cooperation in RDI - An essential requirement for maintaining competitiveness and keeping step with world technological developments in all areas is international RDI cooperation.

Objective 6: Ensure quality human resources for RDI - to guarantee sufficient numbers of high-quality researchers and to increase the number of university graduates

Objective 7: Create an RDI-stimulating environment in the Czech Republic – An important goal for the development of RDI is to create a pro-innovation environment that will not only stimulate business and research activities, but also create favourable conditions for the cultivation of interest in RDI results

Objective 8: Ensure effective links to policies in other areas – to coordinate the activities of various government agencies, implementing agencies and other providers of State aid for RDI so that the various measures are complementary and synergistically contribute to the growth of the Czech economy’s competitiveness and the quality of life in the Czech Republic.

Objective 9: Rigorously evaluate the RDI system - to establish a system for continuous evaluation of RDI in the Czech Republic at all levels in order to ensure that public funds invested in RDI are suitably efficient.

Main principles of the NRDIP after 2015 - RDI will remain a high priority for social development and will significantly contribute to economic growth and improvements in the quality of life of society.

Demands and ramifications - The NRDIP will have a significant impact on the development of the Czech Republic’s economy and competitiveness, the quality of life and social development, and other areas such as public health, the environment and security. However, the successful implementation of the NRDIP will require some modifications to existing legislation and the national budget.

Priorities of applied research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic in 2009-2011 - biological and environmental aspects of sustainable development, molecular biology and biotechnology, energy sources, materials research, competitive engineering, information society, security and defense, priorities for the development of Czech society

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