The first Czech female diplomat in Israel

Deputy Prime Minister of Science, Research and Innovations introduced the Czech diplomat in Israel, Delana Mikolášová, on a press conference at August 20, 2015.

In Israel Ms. Mikolášová participates on meeting the goals of the office. Her task is to search contacts eligible for setting up joint Czech-Israeli projects. Particularly, she concentrates on the development of cooperation in projects funded from international cooperation programmes. These include programmes such as Gesher and Contact, European Investment and Structural Funds and Horizon 2020 programme. She is supposed to support and develop strategic partnerships between Israeli and Czech universities and research institutions. She presents Czech science and research in conferences and expert forums and participates on sending Czech scientists to research reams in Israel. “Moreover we want to support the exchange also in the opposite direction. We want to offer Israeli scientists employment in the Czech Republic that for the time being provides high quality scientific infrastructure and financing opportunities from EU funds,” commented the Deputy Prime Minister Bělobrádek in 2015.

Among other agenda, Ms. Mikolášová concentrates namely on the following sectors: nanotechnology, biotechnology, IT and machinery. She perceives the biggest potential in participating in specialized conferences, she said: “Right now we picked specific conferences and fairs where we can effectively present Czech science. At the next conference in September, even Czech start-ups have confirmed their attendance.”

Ms. Mikolášová was selected in an open selection procedure by a board consisting of representatives of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. So far she has worked in the Middle East and in the North African Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic before. While there she specialised in Israel, Palestine and Middle East Peace process. She worked in Tel Aviv as an education and marketing analyses projects coordinator. She can speak English, Spanish and Hebrew.

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