"Information Register of R&D results" RIV

The RIV is one of parts of the R&D Information System. The RIV has collected an information about results of R&D long-term intentions and R&D projects supported by different state and other public budgets, according to the R&D Act [Code number 130/2002].

The data have been given into the RIV by all public sponsors (different ministries and other state offices with the responsibility for a state R&D long-term intention financial aid and/or R&D project financial aid, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and local authorities [territorial self-government]).

The content of the RIV, the way how the data have been given into the R&D Information System, the integration of the data into the R&D Information System database, the processing of the data and the way of data publication are determined by the R&D Act [Code number 130/2002] together with “The Regulation of the Czech government [Code number 267/2002] about the R&D Information System”, by some other rules and by The Standard Operating Procedure Manual of the R&D Information System.

Searching in the R&D Information system can be made by the search program application.

The RIV is a higher version of the former Register of the R&D Publication given by Czech public research institutes [RIP]. The RIP was operated by the Government Office of the Czech Republic until 1995. The RIP has collected data since 1993.


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