National RIS3 Strategy

National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (hereinafter National RIS3 Strategy) represents a strategic document providing efficiently focused support to research, development and innovations areas (hereinafter RDI). As a main activity, National RIS3 Strategy provides efficient focus of European, national, regional and private funds (up to 222,5 bn. CZK) on the most promising sectors of research and business. Building of efficient relationships between academic institutions and the business sector represents a partial goal of National RIS3 Strategy. Representatives of companies, research institutions, schools, public authorities and non-profit sector will jointly decide which areas of priority are eligible for RDI support. National RIS3 Strategy constitutes with a preliminary condition for EU funding programmes (The European Structural and Investment Funds, ESI Funds) for research, development and innovations which concerns at least 3 operational programmes in the Czech Republic. The administrator to National RIS3 Strategy is the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

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